1st January 2014
Lots of internal changes to the code behind the Solar section in order to make it easier to support! Some other changes coming soon (hopefully). Just noticed a bug... Think I forgot to update the database!Fixed

12th February 2013
More changes to the Solar section! Previously, it wasn't possible to save the generated graphs as images but now all the graphs can be exported as a png image using the buttons in the new export bar at the bottom of each page.

26th January 2013
Minor update to correct some problems with the graphing in the Solar section.

14th December 2012
I expanded the Solar section and it now presents data/graphs for readings from our Solar PV array covering all readings for the last week and a summary of all non-zero readings for the last month. Both pages are updated with new readings every 10 minutes and may take some time to display due to the amount of data being shown.

28th October 2012
After a lot of messing about and over a year of not adding stuff, I eventually got around to doing a re-design. I also added a new section for viewing details of the latest readings from our Solar PV array. These consist of the most recent reading, the readings for the last hour and all readings for the last 24 hours - all readings are updated every 10 minutes.